Free Credit Card Consultation

Do you want to build on your stash of points & miles, but don’t know the next credit card to get? Let me help you determine the best cards for you and your travel plans. If you already have a chunk of points and miles ready to be used, try my free points and miles consultation to see where they can take you!

I provide this service for free and will not at any point try to sell you anything. If the best card for you happens to be a card I have a referral code for, I will pass it on for you to use, but you are under no obligation to use it, and I promise I will never suggest a card for you based on which ones I have referral codes for.

Once you have enough points and miles for a trip, I’d love to help you book it through my Award Flight Booking Service.

If you are a couple or family that is willing to sign up for cards together and share points/miles, please submit separate forms for each individual. Be sure to note the other members of your group in the “Questions or Comments” section.

*Please note that I will only be able to suggest credit cards offered in the U.S.