Award Flight Booking Service

Do you have a specific trip in mind that you’d like to use your points and miles for? Let us use our knowledge of award booking tips and tricks to help you find the perfect flights!

Don’t know where you want to go? I offer free points & miles consultations to give you a general idea of what you can do and where you can go with your points.

Do you need more points and miles? Try my free credit card consultation service to see what the next, best credit cards are for you!

Pricing starts at $125 for a single-client, unlimited passenger, round-trip booking. Add $50 for each additional client. For these purposes, a client is defined as a person from whose accounts points and miles will be used.

Single-client example: Brad Pitt wants to book flights for a family of twenty. All points and miles used will come from accounts in his name. Total booking fee: $125

Multi-client example: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck want to book flights for two. Points and miles used will come from a mix of their separate accounts. Total booking fee: $175

Please note: Because of the time consuming nature of award travel searches, we do ask for a non-refundable* $30 deposit. If we find flights that work for you, the $30 will be applied to the total rate.

* If it is immediately apparent that no viable flights are available, I will be happy to refund your deposit.

Booking process:

1. Fill out and submit the booking request form below.

2. Remit your $30 deposit via PayPal to If you cannot use PayPal, please note this in the “Additional Information” text area at the end of the form.

3. Once I have received your form and deposit, I will immediately begin searching for flights. Once flights are found, I will contact you with general flight details (see example below). Once it is determined that you are satisfied with the available flight choices and upon remittance of the remaining $120 booking fee, I will send you all the details needed for booking. I am also happy to make the booking for you, if you prefer (Note: This will require your credit card information.)

Example of general flight details:

2 seats – Early evening departure from XXX airport – 1 stop w/ 2.5h layover – 13h20m & 6h50m flight lengths – Mid-morning arrival at YYY airport – per person cost of 80,000 miles, plus taxes and fees of ~$100


    To expedite the search process, please remit your $30 deposit to via PayPal before or immediately after submitting your form. If you cannot use PayPal, please note this in the “Additional Information” area.