61-day mark of international travel

61-day mark of international travel

Since I have obviously been terrible at being timely with my posts, I figured I at least ought to make one with a quick update.

We’re in Japan, again!

We’re not “supposed” to be here. Following our original itinerary, we should be in Taiwan right now. What happened? Glad you asked.

From the onset of our international travel, flights and hotels were only booked through our Seoul, South Korea stop in mid-October. The plan was to go from Seoul to Taiwan, then a number of Southeast Asian countries before meeting T’s friend in India for a 5-6 week jaunt through both India and Nepal. About 3-4 weeks ago, her schedule got thrown up in the air a bit, which left us with the decision of potentially keeping on without her or just postponing India/Nepal altogether. Obviously, we decided on the latter and started working on a new itinerary through the end of the year.

So, where to now?

We arrived in Tokyo on Thursday (it’s Monday now) and plan to be in Japan for a total of 3-4 weeks. Tokyo is far from the cheapest place in Asia, but we’re super lucky to have good friends in Tokyo who, between their apartment and rooms that their complex offers for rent for guests of residents, are able to help us out with accommodations, making it much more affordable. We likely won’t spend the whole time in Tokyo, but where else we go in the country is still TBD.

After Japan, we’ll ideally head to mainland China for a handful of days, but that may prove to be complicated, and we may just head straight to Taiwan for a couple of weeks. We’ll follow with Singapore and Malaysia, then hop over to Vietnam where we’ll meet up with T’s mom for another couple of weeks. The three of us will then head over to Hong Kong before T and I meet up with friends in Australia and New Zealand for 2+ weeks.

Why’d your Instagram posts stop?

Because I’m lazy. That’s why. I think I’ve mentioned before that Instagram isn’t my cup of tea, but I’d been trying to build up an account to try and keep a strong social media presence. While I like having the end product, trying to remember to take picturesque photos, editing them, finding the best hashtags, etc. is honestly just a headache for me. I took a small break, which turned into a big break, but I plan to start it up again. Just crossing my fingers that I eventually learn to enjoy doing it.

How’s it going?

All in all, traveling has been going pretty well.

Quick good: Food has been pretty good in most places. No missed flights. We’ve been really good at staying under budget.

Quick bad: Almost lost my passport twice. Had to get a root canal. T had a 72-hour bug and I caught a cold – both in Madrid.

All of those details will be included in the relevant countries’ posts. Speaking of which, I hope to have my first Italy post up soon. Talk to you then!


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